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Ramona Venini


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Simply DigItaly: Effective Website & Strategic Digital Consulting
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Most of your competitors already have an effective web page and your potential customers are contacting them!

A showcase website is NOT enough! Elegance and aesthetics must accompany a defined strategy, and the goal of your online presence must be clear and result-oriented. 

Investing resources in the creation of a website must include in the strategy the objective of guiding people interested in your service to perform a very specific action: ask you for more information.

By getting in touch with your company, you can make yourself known and gradually guide the user to become your customer!

Simply DigItaly effective website

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Effective website in 7 days

Our clients say

I turned to Simply DigItaly to promote my Yoga business and presentation events and workshops.

Ramona is extremely professional, attentive, capable, punctual in deliveries, open to discussion and always ready to find the best solutions to the customer’s needs.
She puts care and Love in all phases of the project. I highly recommend Ramona and her Simply DigItaly 😃.

In this 2020 the difficulty of setting appointments has increased a lot. I was forced to find a solution to take advantage of the internet to meet virtually with my clients.

I’ve known Ramona for a long time and she is attentive, precise, creative and an excellent connoisseur of web marketing.

She supported me from the beginning from the first steps, creating my website together with a lot of patience and understanding, since I’m not very technological.

Even today I thank her for helping me to develop a strategy in the social world … and now all the more reason to recommend her professionalism and expertise to anyone who right now needs to make a breakthrough in the sea of online visibility and in the world of smart workers and digital entrepreneurs!

Initially I wasn’t 100% convinced that a website was necessary and I didn’t know if social networks would help me promote the Minimarket. 

Thanks to Ramona’s advice, I realized that the internet is an effective way to increase your visibility.

I loved the posts and aphorisms she used for our Instagram channel, which she set up for us from scratch.

I chose to purchase the web page+social package to optimize and start having an initial fan base and loyal users of Minimarket at Savings.

Both my wife and I are pleased and will definitely be recommending your service to friends and fellow business owners. We are also considering continuing with a monthly maintenance package, decided based on our budget. 

For my business dedicated to operational rental it was important to have a web page that explained the service and the advantages of the tool I offer to my customers.

I’ve always known Ramona’s great passion for the web and the digital world, and I couldn’t help but rely on her to create the website for my new company.

Ramona’s ability to make simple something so complex and articulated, has allowed me to develop a web page with high professional content and in step with the times.

Website portfolio

Bar and cocktail lounge website - IT

Classic & Supercar dealer website - IT/EN

Yoga course website - IT/EN/FR

Milan private limo service website - IT/EN

Photography, news and shop website - IT

Hormonal Yoga event webpage - FR

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What is included with Simply DigItaly

It's right for you if:

It's not for you if:

Choose the right package

Simply Start Pack

Sustainable investment for your business
  • Simply Model* website
  • Domain and Hosting included 1 year
  • 3 professional mailbox
  • Basics SEO for the included pages
  • Google Search Console registration
  • Contact Form and follow up email
  • Basic Privacy and Cookie Policy
  • Responsive Graphics


A complete website, with impactful graphics, focused on the objectives set, effective and clear with everything you need and even more at a sustainable price. You are online in just 7 days!

Simply Visibility Pack

Visibility and Customization
  • All Simply Start Pack benefits +
  • Instant Chat Plugin
  • Google Suite Analytics installation
  • 2 Social profiles setup
  • Social content package (9 posts)
  • Google My Business setup
  • Calendly for appointments


100% customization of the site and basic setting of your visibility on social channels and Google. Instant chat and automatic appointment booking system.
You’re online in 2 weeks!

Want a custom solution?

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Ramona Venini

Marketing & Web Enthusiast

I dedicated years to the study of the digital world, web marketing and communication strategies. 

After a long period of work as an employee in a niche industry such as private jets, I had the opportunity to devote myself to what I’m really passionate about: helping people communicating their message, through effective websites. 

I chose to help small business owners, professionals and freelancers design their online presence, because I’m one of them too! The world of corporations has dynamics that don’t belong to me. I love interacting with people and helping them realize their own little big dream.

Like I’m doing!

I am at your service to help you show the world your project

Why you should rely on me

I decided to help small business owners, professionals and freelancers because I belong to this category as well.

I know how difficult the start-up phase of a business can be, and launching your business online without guidance can be confusing.

I’ll help you build your digital presence and your project will be like mine!

What I offer you goes beyond building a website.

Let’s study together a message and the most appropriate strategy for your target.

I will support you so that you can spread your idea and monetize your passion.

At an incredibly sustainable price you can make your project known to the world!

The tools I use

Frequently asked questions


Simply DigItaly provides you with several models to choose from to create your website. The variants are all optimized to be visible perfectly on any device and allow you to maximize time and costs, ensuring a sustainable price and guaranteed delivery in 7 working days from receipt of all the material provided by you. The template will be customized based on appropriate fonts, suitable images and color palette based on your company logos and colors. 

Certainly, the digital world has no limits or boundaries, I will follow you step by step during the phases of the project and we will keep in touch with meetings via Zoom and via Skype

The Simply Start Pack includes:

  • STRATEGIC CONSULTING of 45 minutes to define together your target, your USP and the communication style you want to use with your audience and the best strategy for your business
  • WEBSITE realized on Simply Templates proposed during the agreement phase

   -> You will receive several graphic proposals from which to choose the template for your website; you can decide whether to have everything in one page (one page website) or more pages.

The pages or sections include:

    • Home
    • About us
    • Products/Services and/or Integrated Gallery
    • Portfolio and/or Testimonials
    • Contacts page (contact-form and
  • Google Maps for local activities)
  • Domain 1st year (from 2nd year there is a renewal fee of 30 Euro for the domain)
  • Hosting 1st year (from 2nd year there is a renewal fee of 60 Euro for hosting space)
  • 3 mailboxes: I will create for you 3 business email addresses (can be increased on request)
  • Basic SEO: indexing by keyword, in order to optimize the page for user searches on search engines
  • Registration on the most used search engine: Google Search Console
  • Contact form: creation of a contact form for the visitor of your page
  • Social media integration: link buttons to all social channels of your professional reality
  • Follow up email: set up a response message for your contact and notify the owner of the site
  • Privacy policy and basic cookies
  • SSL security protocol: the data transmitted from your site will be encrypted using an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, which guarantees maximum user security.
  • Responsive graphics: optimal visualization from any device

The Simply Visibility Pack includes:

All the benefits described in the Simply Start Pack and in addition:

  • FULL GRAPHIC PERSONALIZATION (we can start from one of the templates and modify it according to your preferences)
  • Instant chat plugin installation (if required and if you find it manageable): it can be a WebChat plugin or a WhatAapp, Telegram or Messenger button, your choice
  • Installation of Google Suite Analytics plugin for monitoring visits to your site
  • Setup and setup of 2 social channels chosen together from: Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. The setup consists of setting up the company page, with institutional photo and text describing the activity, with opening hours, contacts, etc..
  • Social content package: includes the creation of 9 graphical contents accompanied by descriptive text and hashtags searched for the activity. It does not include any paid sponsorship (quotation on request)
  • Setting up Google My Business tab (checking and optimizing, if already present) to maximize visibility on the world’s most popular search engine
  • Account creation (free version) and installation of the Calendly plugin to schedule appointments with clients (ideal for consultations). Evaluation of any alternative tool for different types of reservations, depending on the type of activity


My work system allows me to create for you a website in only 7 days (15 days for the higher version with full customization).

After making our call to establish the objectives, you will receive from me a confirmation of taking charge of the project and a list of material and content needed for a part of the site setup (photos, logo, reference contacts, etc).

From the moment I receive all the necessary material, begins the production period of 7 working days, for the delivery of the project for your review.

Should there be any delays on my part with respect to the due date, a 5% discount will be applied for each day of delay.

You have nothing to fear! It is in my best interest to complete your project on time and meet your expectations.

Simply DigItaly provides the service of creating a website and setting up social channels in the Visibility Pack version. However, it is possible to request the following additional services to complete your digital strategy and make it extremely effective:

  • Social media management
  • Community management
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Blog article writing and SEO
  • Email marketing and funnel creation
  • E-book creation as lead magnet to capture contacts
  • Photographic services and professional video realization
  • E-commerce website creation

All services are quoted on request and will be realized by selected partners in my network of collaborators.

Simply DigItaly offers you domain registration and hosting space included in the price for one year.

At any time you can request the transfer of both services, if you decide to manage them with alternative channels.

The non-renewal of hosting involves the display of the site in “maintenance” mode, the non-renewal of the domain is the cause of total deactivation of the site (it is not under our direct management).

You will receive a communication from us at least 30 days before the expiration of both services.

The monthly update service allows to have a constant monitoring of the website, always ensuring the most updated version of the entire platform and related plugins necessary for the proper functioning of the site itself.

Failure to constantly update could compromise the functionality of the site and the perfect visualization.

The service has a price of only 15 Euros per month.

The site is your property and at the end of the service and publication you will receive all the access data, in order to manage the changes yourself.

You will be able to choose whether to continue to use my collaboration or take advantage of alternative solutions.

I’ll keep the management and authorization for the updates as long as you choose to receive my assistance and according to the annual renewals of the hosting space and domain.

At the settlement of the service and completion of the publication you will receive all the access data, to be able to independently manage the changes.

You will still have my help for any changes and updates, if you need it. 

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